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The global energy transition is a continues improvement system on the move. We all want the best for our (future) children and grand children, hence we all want to leave the world better than we found it. The current prediction (BP Outlook) is that only 10% of our energy supply will be from sustainable energy solutions in 2050, which simply takes too long. Our vision is to speed up that transition and do it with all the experiences, knowledge and talent we have and gained as well as staying true to ourselves in acting according to our core values. We, the crew of NRG Campus, want to create a community in the energy market to contribute to that process of speeding up the oil and gas industry. Our mission is to provide a platform to connect those people with inspiring events and get-togethers (NRG Campus Events), facilitate shared work spaces, start-up finance, personal training/coaching, organizational training, technical training (NRG University). We are only at the start but to us this is not only a big dream, it became a plan and we are in it with our hearts and hope to make some steps together with you in making a contribution to our world.

We believe in different talents, drives and visions that contribute together to a better world, faster change and happy lives. We believe in innovative and fun work places that offer the environment to unleash potential, find passion and achieve a purpose. Purpose-driven organizations hand in hand with company cultures build on core values help us fulfil our personal purpose and to positively impact our industry.

We have big dreams but start in the here and now. Be part of our community, contribute with your believes, talents and skills. Learn and educate; connect & share; laugh & contribute. 



NRG Campus Events
  • Events on purpose-driven approaches 

  • Events on employee experience 

  • Events to inspire for a more purposeful and happy work life

NRG University
  • Coaching on organizational level on employee experience 

  • Coaching on purpose-driven approaches 

  • Coaching on personal development 


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